D Class

The other of our two boats here at Calshot RNLI is the D Class IB1 (D-748 Willett).


The D-Class IB1 is a 5 meter fully inflatable Lifeboat. She carries a crew of 2-3 and is capable of 25 knots. She is ideally suited to shallow waters, confined spaces and surf. She is considered the workhorse of the RNLI.


The D-Class carries a comprehensive set of equipment to help us deal with most eventualities. The kit includes first aid items, oxygen and airway management and peices of equipment vital to keeping casualites warm and safe on their transit to shore.


The D-Class is powered by a 50hp outboard engine. A very capable and reliable piece of kit giving suprising speed and power. Essential for both getting to people quickly and safely and dealing with whatever we come across on scene.


Should the worst happen and the D-Class capsize, she can be righted by the crew. The engine can then be restarted to enable the crew to return home safely. All D-Class crew regularly train in this procedure.

RNLI Calshot Lifeboat