We currently have around 33 crew here at Calshot.


This crew is comprised of Atlantic and D-Class Crew, Shore Crew, Launcher Authorities and other key personel, such as a chaplain and admin officer.


If you are interested in joining in any of these roles please see the "Join the Team" page.

Essential to the operations here at Calshot. Our Shore Crew launch our boats for us and ensure they and the launch equipment are kept in a fully operational condition.

Our boat crews here at Calshot are ready to man the boats 24/7. We have a massive mix of profesions, from accountants and financial advisors to Paramedics and Pilots. All are dedicated to saving lives at sea. They all undergo a comprehensive training programme which continues throughout their career with us.

Our launch authorities are our managers here at Calshot. They ensure the station runs effectivley and also ensure the station is ready and able to respond to emergencies 24/7. They look after the welfare of our crews. At the head of the launch authorities is the Lifeboat Operations Manager (above). Also as the name suggests the boats only go to sea once the Launch authority has agreed.

In addition to operational crew we have a few key members who support us ashore, such as a Chaplain (above) who helps looks after the crew's welfare, we also have an Admin Officer, Press Officers, Doctors, and Community Safety Officers to help with day to day running of the lifeboat station. Afilliated to the station is also a full team of Fundrasiers. Let's not forget the partners of the crew who support their heroic activities

RNLI Calshot Lifeboat