Atlantic 85

One of our two boats here at Calshot RNLI is the Atlantic 85 (B-860 Max Walls).


The Atlantic 85 is an 8.5 meter Rigid Inflatable Boat. It carries a crew of 4 and is capable of 35 knots. She is powered by two 115hp engines, which coupled with a high tech navigation package enables her to operate in all but the very worst of conditions. .

The Atlantic 85's electronics package allows for operations in dense fog and complete darkness. She carries a direction finder VHF to enable easy detection of casulaties via their transmissions, and is equipped with AIS to aid in safe navigation.

In addition to general boat kit, lines, anchors etc, the Atlantic 85 carries a comprehensive set of medical gear. She can carry a basket stretcher, full first aid kit including some drugs and torniquets, also oxygen and entonox gases are carried to assist in patient treatment.

Should the need arise the Atlantic can carry a salvage pump. This can be used to pump water from vessels in danger of sinking.

Should the worst happen and the Lifeboat capsize. The Atlantic is capable of being righted by the crew. She is even then capable of continuing on her way and finishing the service. All the crew are trained at the Lifeboat College in Poole for this eventuality.

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